Why PeaceBro?

The loud and angry voices dominating political discourse in the United States undermine the nation’s stability. We’re pushing back. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I do not like that man.  I must get to know him better.”   People at both ends of the political spectrum are worth knowing …and hearing.  Most of us instinctively believe this but somehow our nation’s political discourse is dominated by uptight intellectual bigots.   We who refuse to accept that situation need to identify ourselves.  When a majority of Americans demand civil debate and tolerance of opposing views, then the tone of our politics will change for the better.  All viewpoints deserve a fair hearing.  They also deserve to be questioned.   The mission of PeaceBro is to make such exchanges common and restore the concept of Loyal Opposition.  Problems are solved with the free exchange of ideas and sometimes compromise.   That’s how our Constitution was created and it will work just as well today.  Join the movement.  #peacebro  @peacebrousa

Louis Feraca



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